Coolanyp, headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, was founded in 2015 by scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with the goal to develop innovative and advanced heat transfer technologies to deal with the challenges in thermal management of electronic devices.


As the world of electronics demands increasing processing power and further miniaturization, Coolanyp’s disruptive, game-changing thermal management technology strives to solve the challenge of keeping electronics cooler, lighter, denser, and safer in an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. We aim to revolutionize this $11 billion/year industry. SOTS is designed to bring forth countless new “possibilities” for future electronic systems in industries like High Performance Computing (HPC), datacenters, telecommunications, automobiles, avionics, consumer electronics, and energy systems. We are working tirelessly to realize these “possibilities” and extend the benefits to many diverse applications. We strongly believe that every step forward we take in thermal technology, we will unlock a corresponding advancement elsewhere.

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